January 14, 2010

Biz Card Etiquette = Serious Business!

In Hong Kong, the giving and receiving of business cards ("namecards" as they call them) is a sacred ritual. They are exchanged immediately upon meeting and presented formally with two hands, text facing the receiver. Once received, you must examine the card and place it in view on the desk/table for the duration of the meeting. If you receive more than one, they should be arranged in a vertical line on the table according to seniority (or placed side-by-side for equivalent colleagues).

Anyway, all this etiquette got me thinking about the potential cuteness in business card cases! I saw these from ACME studio at City Super, a food and lifestyle store I checked out while in HK.

Top row: "Quatrefoil" by Alexander Girard, "Roses" by Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Bottom row: "Fingerprints" by James Wines, "Hello" by AYSE + BIBI

And here's a couple of cheeky ones by In God We Trust, available from Refinery 29:


Sarah said...

In God We Trust is awesome!!! I need the "In It to Win It" case.

Enjoying you blog!

Sara said...

They sell the fingerprints case at the MoMA design store. I was just admiring it last week!

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