February 20, 2010

Manhole Covers

Whenever I travel I try to remember to snap a photo of a manhole cover. You'd be surprised how interesting the international variations can be!

Japan takes the prize for the most beautiful I've come across so far. Here's two from Tokyo and Takayama:

Also, a special mention goes to Berlin...

Does anyone else notice manhole covers around the world? Where else have you seen an interesting one?


jack + jenn said...

Isn't it crazy how EVERYTHING is designed. I've been noticing them too since my trip to Rome but your post inspired me to do a google search of manhole covers. Very cool.


Hijiri said...

awww I was just back in Japan for new years and I was talking manhole covers pictures everywhere, too!!! They are all different depending on where you are in Japan and they all look so pretty. I should share them on my blog soon -- thanks for sharing!!!

Hijiri said...

oops. I meant "I was TAKING manhole cover pictures" -- sorry, I got too excited! :P

Emily said...

Cool! I'd love to see what other Japanese one's you've seen!

little *e* said...

i do that too!! i started when i studied abrouad in England, and since then have a collection from China, Japan (by far the best ones) Denmark and Italy.
I should make a book really. so should you! i wanna see what else you've got.

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