March 21, 2010



I am head-over-heels for this Kate Spade pinwheel campaign! It is absolutely joyous, glorious, and just smack-you-in-the-face HAPPY. There is a darling video up on the homepage, the shops are decked out with pinwheel decor, and they are walking the streets of NYC with a hot dog style cart, handing out pinwheel happiness that will get you 15% off any full-price item at the store! If you missed the KS crew in Soho this week, don't fret. They will be back at it in Union Square next weekend 11am-5pm.

AND, for a chance to win some wearable goodies, plant your pinwheel somewhere unexpected, snap a photo, and post it to the Kate Spade Facebook wall. They will select their favorite and the winner will win the cropped jacket, sequined skirt, and strappy heels in the photo above!

Here's some photos of the Flatiron store I snapped during yesterday's afternoon stroll:

And here are some shots of the KS cart (photos via tweets from @katespadeny):

Happy Spring!


Hijiri said...

ohhhh I love it, toooooo! makes me so happy :)

sara jensen said...

Kate Spade is like that awesome adorable popular girl that you want to hate but can't because she is so awesome adorable. Love pinwheels.

Emily said...

Haha, Sara. So, so true. I couldn't agree more!

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