March 14, 2010

Wild at Heart Raincoat


This rainy weekend I found myself at Bloomingdales with a mission: help a friend use a $100 gift certificate on a totally "worth-it" article of clothing without going over. This posed a bit of a challenge, but she ended up with this super adorable mini dress from Aqua (though at 5'3 it's not quite as mini on her as it appears on this model--a good thing, if you ask me).

Then we spent the rest of the afternoon ogling mostly over the Marc by Marc Jacobs collection, especially the above Wild at Heart Raincoat in Electropop Pink. If only I also had a gift certificate... and it was for $300... (a big if only, I realize). Would have been the perfect thing to make up for the snapping of my Marimekko umbrella earlier in the day...

ps-Did any other New Yorkers witness the insane amount of umbrella carnage all over the city yesterday? Soho was absolutely covered with them. I've never seen anything like it...


jack + jenn said...

omigosh.. adorable raincoat. and yes, tons of umbrellas died this weekend. personally, i lost 2 myself. we had guests in town and had to take them 'touring' despite the storms. awful.


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