April 4, 2010

Happy Spring!


Happy Easter to all those who celebrate and happy Spring to everyone! It was over 70 degrees in NYC this weekend, and after this dreadful winter, it was absolutely euphoric. People were walking around with sunglasses and big smiles!

Speaking of spring time, I think I've officially added the tulips in Holland to my travel wish list. Don't you just want to run through miles of sunny tulip fields?? This photo is by Allard One, taken just outside Alkmaar in North Holland.

(photo via peanut butter & poetry)


jodi said...

hasn't it been beautiful the past few days? so lovely. just came across your blog via pret a voyager -- it's wonderful! i will definitely be back soon. =)

Sara said...

i want to go see the tulips in Holland too! or at least the Ottawa Tulip Festival...

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