June 9, 2010

Big Bambu

I have hereby proclaimed this summer my official 'summer of fun.' It's the first summer in 3 years that hasn't been largely consumed by a rotating living situation, and I plan to live it up. With that said, I hope to spend more time out and about, and in addition to my usual finds, I plan to share some of my summer outings with you here as well. My focus will still be visual in nature, but with some personal musing mixed in. Sound good? Well let's get started....

Last night was the Museum Mile Festival, an event that closes 5th avenue between 82nd and 104th street off from traffic, and nine of NYC's most notable museums keep their doors open for free until 9pm (oh you know, just the MET, Guggenheim, Cooper Hewitt, etc....). So it was the perfect evening to check out the roof deck of the MET. On view now is an enormous bamboo sculpture that looks like a massive tree house!

Twin brothers Doug and Mike Starn created this unreal piece of art out of 5,000 interlocking bamboo poles, held together with nylon rope! There's even a foot path to walk UP and THROUGH it... but only through special guided tours and the timing wasn't right for us. I think another visit may be in order!

It looked just crazy cool overlooking the City and Central Park, just as the sun was starting to set...


Mallory said...

That's so awesome. I wish I had enough time to plan a trip to New York soon so I could see it for myself.

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