June 15, 2010

Miranda July-Eleven Heavy Things

On Saturday my friends and I headed over to Union Square to check out Miranda July's interactive sculpture installation, Eleven Heavy Things. I've proclaimed my love for Miranda before, so I won't get into that. But I'll just say if you're not familiar with her brilliant/quirky/thought provoking work, do some exploring here.

Anyway, Miranda says this installation is "recreational posing," maybe I'd called it "assisted posing"? We had a great time doing our own acts of performance art and snapped many a photo as proof. Only problem was... I'm not sure Miranda had us shorties in mind while designing these props, and well... we had to get creative...  (see above)

Apologies for the sun glare... the left one reads "We don't know eachother. We're just hugging for the picture. When we're done I'll walk away quickly. It's almost over."

Yep, still too short....

I'm obviously the guiltiest one...

So awesome work, Miranda. We had a lot of fun! But perhaps adjustable heights next time? Or an optional step stool nearby? Just a suggestion. xoxo, Emily


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