July 22, 2010

Warm Up (or cool off) at P.S. 1


I spent a sweaty Saturday at P.S. 1, MoMA's hip little sister. Every weekend the museum hosts an outdoor dance party called Warm Up, featuring a rotating lineup of DJ's and live music. The event was truly multi-sensory... thumping beats, while bouncing on colorful exercise balls, basking in the overhead water misters or dipping your feet in a web-enclosed "kiddy pool." The setting was created by the winner of MoMA's Young Architects Program, "Pole Dance," an interconnected system of 25 foot high poles and bungees whose elasticity causes the poles to sway. The installation also includes an audio device, measuring the motion of the poles and converting it to sound. Pretty rad, eh?

Stay tuned for some of what I saw inside the museum...

(photos by me)


Amanda said...

Haha, I did not notice those people looking at me when I was twirling around. It was such a refreshing mist!

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