September 8, 2010

Have a Sweet New Year!


No, I'm not confused with the dates...tonight is the start of Rosh Hashanah, otherwise known as the Jewish new year. Instead of counting down till midnight, we have family dinners, spend a lot of hours in synagogue, listen to the shofar, and probably the best part: we eat apples and honey to symbolize a sweet year. Yum!

Not that I need another reason to post apples, but today is also the first day of school in New York City (the big apple!). Triple significance!

"L'shanah tovah u'metukah" to everyone! (translates as "have a good and sweet new year!") xo

top row: print by Fine Little Day, collage on wood by Petite Collage 
second row: apple container by Our Shop, tray designed by Lotta Kühlhorn
third row: apple jar designed by Tatsuya Okazaki (no longer available), post-it notes by D-Bros, earrings from Modcloth 
fourth row: reusable sandwich bag by Lunchskins, pillow by Jonathan Adler, apple jar designed by Hiroshi Fujita from MoMA


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