September 27, 2010

Think Pink


I'm one of those rare people that is neither a coffee nor a tea drinker, so I have no official stance on the use of sweetener (artificial or not). However, when I saw this owl (top left) peering out from a telephone booth shelter advertisement, I was stopped in my tracks. I see this type of illustration style every day via my job and the internet, but its appearance in the urban landscape was really quite dramatic.

Of course the fact that I recognized the owl instantly as the work of Jen Skelley certainly helped. Further investigation revealed that the suite of illustrations (no pun intended!) combines the work of both Jen Skelley and her super-new husband, Nate Duval (can this possibly be sweeter?).

Some of the ads in action on my walk home through the East Village.

Mother New York is the advertising agency responsible for the whole campaign (they are also behind the new Target ads in Times Square--also awesome). So, kudos to them. You can read more about their strategy here.

(psst-If you like what you see, perhaps I can interest you in this Sweet Owls wall clock? Illustration by Jen Skelley, package design by me!)


Mallory said...

These ads are so awesome! I'd definitely have to take pictures of them on my walk home too.

TayBorges said...

I LOVE THAT, congratulation for the work, i post that in my blog!!!!
lucky in your jobs!

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