October 23, 2010

Kris's Colorful Wonderland


I have a confession to make. I seriously believed that hot air balloons were fictional until a totally unreasonable age. I also used to think that Fiji was a make-believe place where only elves were allowed to go...I'm only telling you this now because this image conjures up cozy feelings of naivety. It also reminds me of the movie Up, which is also totally awesome.

Kristina Klarin, of Kris's Color Stripes fame, creates necklaces out of these painted wooden beads, and they come in glorious color combinations (would you expect anything less?).


Evan said...

You and your blog are so totally adorable!! I'm in Nashville and I miss you.

Love, Evan

Emily said...

aww, what a nice brother I have! nyc misses you too. come home soon!

Betty and Bess said...

I thought flies gave you itchy bites until I was 14 and my best friends 7 year old sister told me they don't. And that Timbuktu was a made up place!

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