November 8, 2010

Scenes from the NY Art Book Fair

These top two images are part of Conrad Bakker's "Used Books" project, a simulated used book sale featuring carved and painted pieces of wood, masquerading as paperback books. So cool!

The Chrysler Building is probably my favorite in the city. There's a great view from my office that my boss is very proud of. I love this stylized version (below, right).

Some interesting paper engineering by Tauba Auerbach... 

Eric Doeringer's "Bootlegs," which are unauthorized copies of artworks by many contemporary artists (I can easily pick out Warhol, Banksy, and Nara below). He sells them in the street like vendors of counterfeit handbags. He refers to this project as a combo installation/performance/sale. Can you spot any other artists?

The fair was three levels of intense book/art stimulation, and has grown significantly since the first one I attended in 2007. It's hard to fully appreciate a book with just a cursory glance, so unfortunately much was overlooked. I tried my best to absorb and capture as much as possible before my legs gave out. Did anyone else make it over to P.S. 1 this weekend? See anything especially noteworthy? 


jodi said...

oh, man. i'm so bummed that i missed it. i really wanted to go, but just spaced it.

Mallory said...

Those used books totally tricked me! As soon as I saw the picture I thought - "Oh! I didn't know they sold used books at the NY Art Book Fair". Silly me, haha.

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