February 28, 2011

Flower Power


Hi blog friends! I realize I've been on an extended blog break, but sometimes real life just gets in the way. I've been off my usual routine lately between traveling and dog-sitting and this technological transition. This is my first blog post from my new setup...I just leaped from a 5 year old Powerbook with CS 2 installed and a 4 year old flip phone to a MacBook Pro with CS 5 and an iphone (yes, I'm cowering in fear from my next credit card bill!). But it was time to overcome a bit of technophobia, and hopefully I should be all set for the next few years. SO, I thought I'd share the first photos taken on my snazzy new phone: Will Ryman's giant roses on Park Ave! I had read about the installation, but since I don't make it uptown regularly, I had forgotten all about it. I'm sorta glad I did because it was so much more fun to just stumble upon it, as I did yesterday while running a couple of errands. It certainly brightened up my day!

Hope you are all doing well both on and offline. I'm glad to be back here. xoxo


Meri said...

Wow- these are incredible! Thanks for sharing, I want to go see them!

Sharon said...

horray. i didn't miss this one. i'm there.

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