May 22, 2011

All the Buildings in New York

For the past year, Australian illustrator James Gulliver Hancock has been attempting to draw all the buildings in New York. While I don't think he's quite there yet, his process has yielded a fascinating glimpse of the New York City landscape. He has been cataloging his images on his blog and most recently on display at Con Artist (an underground gallery space, and I mean that literally) in the Lower East Side.

I'm so glad I made it over there today. I met James and saw a number of his pieces in person. I love the way his images give life to the architecture, as if each one has its own personality. And if you live in New York, it's especially fun to recognize certain street corners you may have passed a million times without much notice.

Any of James' images can be purchased as prints. He takes original commissions as well in case he hasn't gotten to your special corner just yet...

Great show, James!
(Con Artist exterior and wallpaper photographs by me, all other photographs by James Gulliver Hancock)


Sharon said...

loooove this post. such a good find. i must go. thanks for reading my blog. i've just became a fan of yours!

Kristina said...

what a wonderful idea, loving his drawings! if i would be in nyc i would certainly visit the con artist gallery to see more! looks great!

rebecca said...

wow, what an amazing artist. like you, i love the personality of the buildings.

Colleen / Inspired to Share said...

What an awesome concept! So glad you got to check it out and meet him!

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