June 9, 2011

Neon Boneyard


I'm heading to Las Vegas next week for a work trip. Vegas doesn't really seem like my kind of place, but I've never been, and I'm always up for exploring someplace new. I discovered the Neon Museum's Boneyard Park, and it looks so awesome! Two acres of outdoor space with over 150 retired neon signs! Talk about typography heaven.

Unfortunately I also discovered that the actual museum is still under construction, and the only way to currently view the collection is by tour reservation.... and they are already sold out for the entire time I'm going to be in town (major bummer). So, in the meantime I am living vicariously through these photos taken by Eighthourday (the photos are way better than anything I would have taken anyway). Have you ever been to the Boneyard? Or any other "alternative" Vegas attractions?

(photos by Eighthourday)


James said...

What a strange place! Only in Las Vegas. Beautiful photos by Eighthourday.

Julian said...

Oooh, I want to go to Vegas!

Mallory said...

I'd love to go take pictures at the Neon Boneyard! My family went to Las Vegas when I was a senior in high school - it definitely wasn't "our kind of place" either (we went for a few days after roaming around near the Grand Canyon / Sedona / Phoenix), but we had a marvelous time & it included some of my favorite funny family vacation memories. Because it's so unique. And I had delicious pancakes at a breakfast buffet and they go down in my food history as the best pancakes I've ever eaten. My sister and I shuffled across the casino carpets and we'd collect the most static electricity ever & shock each other to the extent that it almost hurt. But was fun, hahaha.

My sister and I also enjoyed it because we were oddly obsessed with watching the movie Vegas Vacation. For unknown reasons.

I'd love to go back again to do some of the alternative Vegas stuff. I think I've read there's a lot of awesome vintage shopping in the outskirts & such. If I had money to spend, I'd definitely like to do that.

I hope you end up having a great time!

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