August 31, 2011

August Roller Coaster

I try to keep things positive (and not too personal) around here, but those who know me in person know that this month has been... shitty. For several reasons. I can't get into the details here, but I feel really disingenuous just posting away about pretty things when I've been feeling so contrary. It's been a very difficult summer overall which began with a loved one's very scary health diagnosis and has ended with a sudden unraveling of a relationship. And an unrelated trip to the emergency room the morning after a hurricane was just the icing on the cake (thankfully everything seems to be okay there).

But just when I thought I was heading down an endless downward spiral, two pieces of very good news have kept me afloat: 1. Last night my brother proposed to the most lovely future sister-in-law I could have ever imagined. Seriously, Sara (yes, she even reads my blog), you are already a part of my family, and I can't wait for it to be official. We all love you so much!

2. My job is sending me to Paris and Madrid in ten days!! (I learned about this five days ago). I'm so thrilled and the timing is perfect. A very welcomed escape.

So, it's been a month of extreme highs and lows, but I'm looking upward. Here's to a brighter fall to come... (stay tuned for regular posting about pretty things).

(Photo by Zee Longenecker)


Sharon said...

Oh no! Here's to better Autumn! have fun in Paris and Madrid!

Julian said...

Aww, I'm sorry to hear all that. :( I hope your trip to Paris and Madrid will make you feel better. :)

Sara said...

Thanks, Emily! I can't wait to be your sister-in-law. :-)
How exciting that the trip is happening! You have to take some pictures of the Madrid airport when you're there. It's so colorful, and makes me think of this blog.

Volare said...

Boo on shitty times. I hope it gets better fast!

Emily said...

Thanks, guys. I'm trying to keep positive... We'll see how it goes. I didn't cry once today! oh shit, that's a lie. No crying tomorrow!

Mallory said...

in my life it always seems like the shitty things pile on top of each other; like it's never just ONE crap thing in a sea of awesomeness, all the miserable things seem to happen at once. the worst. i'm sorry things have been so non-lovely for you lately - but i'm glad you get to jet off to paris and madrid, and i hope you share some photos from your trip on the blog!

also - nothing is better than siblings with enjoyable/lovable/all-around-amazing significant others. my sister's boyfriend is one of my best friends and i can't fathom how loathsome it would be if she were dating someone i wouldn't want to spend time with. hurrah for you getting a great sister-in-law.

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