August 14, 2011

Talk To Me

I went to this interesting exhibit at MoMA about the role of design in the communication between people and objects. If you're not a tech nerd, I suggest finding one to take along with you. Definitely enhanced the experience for me (thanks, Elliot). Of course my favorite part was the prettiest thing to look at.

Developed by Stamen Design, Prettymaps are interactive maps that transform cities into colorful abstractions using data from various freely available sources including Natural Earth and Flickr. I admit I can't really explain how it works beyond that, but I know the results look amazing. Give it a try here.

Prettymaps prints are also available for purchase at 20x200. (top photo by me, maps: NYC & Tokyo).


jodi said...

i saw an ad for that in the subway this morning. it looks so interesting!

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