September 27, 2011

Food Week on Where the Lovely Things Are


Mallory is a posting ninja. I don't know how she pulls together such organized and elaborate posts on a daily basis, but someone how she does. And they are always just lovely, of course! She has devoted the whole of this week to the topic of FOOD. Good choice, eh? Several cool bloggers are sharing their tips for good eats and dream menus, including me! Stay tuned the rest of the week... Thanks for having me, Mallory!


Smith And Ratliff said...

We are so flattered that you mentioned us as one of your favorite food blogs. It made our day. Can't wait to read more of your posts, too! -LR

Emily said...

Glad I made your day! You recommended the Fishwife in Pacific Grove to me when I commented on your Monterrey post a few months ago. I meant to write you and tell you we ate there, and it was delicious!

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