April 17, 2012

Modern Keith Haring


I went through a major Keith Haring phase in high school. I mean major. In art class, I painted a ladder back chair in the style of Haring's iconic black and white patterns (the chair is still out and about at my parent's house). I even wrote my first ever research paper on him.

Perhaps prompted by the current exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum (see subway ad above), I've been noticing a resurgence of Keith Haring products that are more 2012 than 1982...

Clockwise: Ligne Blanche candle, Colors Tokyo iphone case, tote bag, Blik wall tiles, Case Scenario iphone case

A couple of other recent Keith Haring sightings...

Architectural Digest's March cover featured Brooke Shield's NYC apartment. Showcased above her mantle is an original Keith Haring painting given to her by Haring himself (apparently the two were personal friends).

After a 3 year, 70 million dollar renovation, The New York Historical Society reopened in November to reveal the original ceiling from Haring's Soho Pop Shop installed in its lobby. Amazing! I'm getting all nostalgic now. I remember visiting the Pop Shop on a trip into "the city" way back when with my best friend (hey, Ali! Remember how cool we were? Ha).

(top photo by me, middle photo: Architectural Digest, bottom photo: NY Historical Society/Glenn Castellano)


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