November 22, 2009

Coco Avant Chanel

Two things to preface this post: 1. In my senior year of college, I designed a 60 page visual biography of Coco Chanel. 2. I've had a serious girl crush on Audrey Tautou ever since I fell madly in love with Amelie... swooons.

So, when I first learned of Coco Before Chanel (English is in French), a film about the life of Chanel in which Audrey would be playing the leading lady, I knew it was a must-see for me...Annnnd, I surely was not disappointed! I swear, Audrey was born to play Chanel. I hadn't realized the resemblance before, but it really is quite striking. The styling and overall transformation was simply perfection. Not to mention the fascinating story of an orphan child who revolutionizes fashion as we know it and grows up to become an icon of glamour and luxury--the very definition of chic. 

See for yourself with some film stills and photos below:


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