November 22, 2009


I was walking around the Bryant Park holiday market on my lunch hour the other day, and I spotted these adorable camera charm necklaces from Lucid New York. Unfortunately I couldn't find an image of them online, but it got me thinking of other gift ideas for all the photophiles in my life. Here are some of my finds...

1. Black & white acrylic camera pendant, $13.99 @ modcloth  2. Originally a student project designed by Kiel Mead while at Pratt, this sterling silver charm necklace is cast from a toy camera that Kiel had as a child, $157 @ The International Center of Photography

3. Eat it! Chocolate camera, comes in milk, dark, and white, $6 on etsy  4. Yellow Owl Workshop's glazed earthenware, hand cast "Ghost Camera," $60

5. For your budding photo enthusiast, wooden toy camera, $12 on etsy  6. Store all those memories in this trompe l'oeil Vintage Camera photo album, $10 from Galison

Limited edition Leica M7 camera gets a makeover by French fashion house, Hermes. Okay, maybe not so affordable at $14,000 a pop, but what a looker?!


Heather said...

Emily, this is so funny that you posted this today. I just bought a camera charm necklace off of etsy ( It's a bit bigger than I thought it was going to be, but I still like it.

I feel like we're on the same fashion wave-length. ;)


ali said...

love the leica- that color is brilliant. is that a film camera?
btw, do you do any photography? i still find it very fun and fascinating but can't seem to make the time to take pictures...(except of food).

Emily said...

Heather-- very funny, I had been considering going back to the Lucid shop in Bryant Park and getting that camera charm necklace... It's similar to the silver one I posted here from the ICP, but was only $30... and so adorable. Also, maybe when I read about Cup of Jo's Bensimon shoes and became obsessed, perhaps I subconsciously remembered them being so cute on you!?

Ali--yes, the Leica is a film camera. Any photography I do these days is digital with my little Canon Elph. Sadly, my old SLR is collecting dust, and I haven't stepped foot in a darkroom since HS :(

But, I'll be posting some of my photography from traveling I've done in the past year or so. I really need to start carrying my camera everywhere!

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