November 12, 2009

Hello, winter

It seems as if New York's last blast of summer might be officially over. I thought I'd take a moment to bid the warm weather adieu by sharing some photos from one of my favorite days of this past summer. On a beautiful Friday afternoon, my roommate (the loveliest Veronica) and I decided to take a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge and explore the DUMBO neighborhood on the other side. In our wandering we came across this wall full of colored squares that just looked gorgeous in the sunshine. Of course we had to have a photo shoot!

Addendum: I just learned that this mural was designed by Malaysian-born artist Tattfoo Tan as part of his Nature Matching System project. It was originally designed as a placemat to encourage healthy eating, each square representing the actual color of a fruit or vegetable. In collaboration with the DUMBO Improvement District and with the help of students from P.S. 307, the design was transformed into this large scale mural of painted squares (8 feet high, 70 feet long)...What a beauty!


Jake said...

the mural is by Tattfoo Tan -- it's supposedly designed to remind people to eat colorful fruits and vegetables, according to the artist's website ( There's a matching one at the port authority too...

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