December 21, 2009

1stAveMachine and Google Chrome

One of my most talented friends sent over some of his recent work, and I was blown away as usual. He directed a series of delightful animations demonstrating the features of Google's new web browser, Chrome. In a refreshing juxtaposition to what you would expect from a technology brand, the series is brilliantly comprised of handmade devices and materials. The larger-than-life, hand-crocheted web browser screen must be seen to be believed. Stills cannot begin to give these animations justice, so click here to view the entire series. Make sure to watch the enlightening making of video at the end! Congrats to Aaron and 1stAveMachine for creating some of the most innovative animation work out there.

Aaron also sent out this Audi "Unboxed" commercial last year, but it still warrants sharing this year too since it's pretty much the best thing I've ever seen.


Hans said...

Hi Emily, found this through swiss miss. The work of your friend is indeed amazing. I've seen the Chrome video before. It's very impressive.

Cheers, Hans

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