December 5, 2009

Tape Street Art

I knew patterned and colored tape was gaining popularity in the US, but it wasn't until my trip to Tokyo last Spring that I realized the extent of the phenomenon. There are darling little packages of Washi paper masking tape literally everywhere you turn in Tokyo. While I can appreciate the beauty of the tape roll itself as an object--the texture, pattern, and colors--I personally don't see much practical use for it beyond sprucing up gift packages (though I acknowledge many will disagree with me on this point). However, neon colored tape as a medium for public street art? This I can dig. I love shots of bright colors in unexpected places!

Aakash Nihalani uses tape to "draw" three-dimensional shapes on two-dimensional surfaces, confusing our sense of space and perspective. These photographs capture people interacting with the shapes, adding a second level of awesomeness.

(via booooooom!)


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