March 5, 2010

Les Pingouins

Resin jewelery handmade in France by Les Pingouins (The Penguins!)

I'm gifting a turquoise necklace I picked up from the MoMA Design Store today (NYC, 53rd St.), though I don't see it on their website. So colorful!


Sara said...

I love it :)

Emily said...

hehe, I'm hoping you didn't see this post before opening it!!

Les Pingouins said...

Hello from France !

Cool post ! We're very glad that our jewels please to you...
As you said, the MoMA Design Store doesn't sell our jewels on his website... only in the store.

It's a good idea for a gift ;-))

Emily said...

Thanks for stopping in Les Pingouins! I love all your work, and my friend loved her necklace gift! (as you can see from the first comment here!!)

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