June 28, 2010

Play Me, I'm Yours


There are currently 60 pianos in public spaces across the 5 boroughs of New York City! 'Play Me, I'm Yours' is an interactive art happening/social experiment conceived by British artist, Luke Jerram, and produced by Sing for Hope. The pianos are available for the public's use from 9am-10pm daily until July 5th!

While I admit I am mostly musically challenged, I happen to be dating a professional pianist! (check out his brand-new website here!) ... Oh, AND the pianos are painted! (!!! Lots of exclaiming going on)! Over the course of an afternoon we checked out 4 pianos... Astor Place, St. Marks Church plaza, Tompkins Square Park, and Little Red Square (6th Ave & Bleecker).

(In Astor Place: original song, "Won't Go Away")

While we did encounter a few bad-mannered folks (piano hogger at St. Mark's Church and some rude street punks at Tompkins Square Park), in general it was a very positive experience that had us interacting with "neighbors" in a whole new way.

(In Little Red Square: "All The Songs On My ipod Make Me Think of You..." from original musical, Camp Rolling Hills)

All in all, a unique and lovely day. Check here for the full listing of piano sites. Even if you can't play yourself, go give someone a clap and make their day. Who knows who you'll see giving an impromptu concert!  

P.S.- Featured boyfriend recently left his 9-5 to focus on his music and is available for any and every music/composing/acting-related opportunity... click here to check out all his musical talents!

(all photos & video by me--apologies for the less than professional sound quality!)


Aron said...

I love how they were all individualized.

Thanks for your comment btw!
Mile End looks cool. Plus they have sumptown coffee--always a good sign right! :)

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