June 24, 2010

Figment Arts Festival


Two Sundays ago was the Figment Arts Festival on Governor's Island, so we took the ferry over to check it out. In general, the festival was a bit too hippy/dippy, artsy/fartsy for our taste, but it did lend itself to some interesting photo ops.

But really the main purpose of this post is to share (as requested--I'm looking at you, Ann Hirsch) a pic of me with my new Feisty Elle earrings (picked up at Renegade).

Also, I am a hula hooping master. Seriously, I challenge anyone to a duel. I promise I'll win.

(second row-left: The Push Pop Collective "Bagel Buns" performance, second row-right: blowing cinnamon into the air)


Sara said...

Let's duel!!!! Where can we get some hoops? Can we throw in a limbo contest as well? :-)

and flowers pick themselves said...

looks like oodles of fun! great photos :)

xo Alison

Emily said...

Sara- you're on! (though not sure where to get some hoops). I'm terrible at limbo, so no dice on that one!


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