October 14, 2010

Rocky Mountain Cushions


I know you've always dreamed of sleeping among mountain peaks. Well here's your chance. In her studio in Scotland, Hilary Grant has created this darling set of felted pillows.

While I love love this concept for a bedroom, functionally they work better for me on a couch or chair. How do you all deal with multiple throw pillows on the bed? I only have 3 besides my regular sleeping pillows, and while I love them when the bed is made, they often end up on the floor when I'm actually trying to sleep. Anyone else have a better system?

(via kickcan & conkers)


Sara said...

I always used to throw mine on the floor so I don't have any throw pillows anymore... these mountains are so fun though!

Welcome Home said...

Hilary's work is ace isn't it - definitely a favourite here! Sleeping with lots of cushions is hard but worth it when they look like this :)

julia said...

so cute!!! i never figured out a solution to the pillow problem, so i have none.

Hilary Grant said...

I like to sleep amongst my mountains, though they usually work their way onto the floor in the middle of the night. :) Thanks for the lovely post, so sweet of you. X

Anonymous said...

Are the mountain pillows still available? Ive been looking and they look like they aren't avaliable but I would love to purchase these.

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