April 9, 2011

Nature's Paintbrush


Has anyone ever seen a Rainbow Eucalytus Tree? It is apparently the only species of Eucalytus tree that grows in the Northern Hemisphere. Patches of the bark shed every year, but not at the same time, which results in the rainbow effect. Stunning, no? This aerial shot of Carlsbad Flower Fields in California is by Alex Maclean. Another natural stunner. Anyone know how the Flower Fields compare to the tulips in Holland? It's a dream of mine to visit the tulips, but maybe Carlsbad is another option? Also be sure to check out the rest of Alex Maclean's portfolio for an amazing collection of aerial shots.

image credits one/two.


Meri said...

Where is that particular Rainbow Eucalyptus from? It is so neat! I was just in Arizona and saw some Sycamore trees that looked like camouflage :)

Emily said...

Hi Meri! The tree is in Kauai, Hawaii. I went there once when I was about 10, and I distinctly remember thinking "wow, this is what paradise is." One of the most beautiful places I've ever seen.

Julian said...

Ahhh, Nature is really spectacular.

Liza said...

What incredible colors! Definitely cuts through all the gloom NY has been experiencing lately.

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