September 14, 2010

All ya need is... love.


Newlywed Amy Olert Hardy (and fellow Wash U design graduate) recently shared this super sweet project that she made for her brand-new husband's 25th birthday. It is a series of 25 typographic cards, each highlighting a reason why she loves him. I'm really liking the mixed media and active compositions.

The sentiment of this project is especially appropriate for me as last night Adam and I celebrated one whole year of knowing each other. I won't get all sappy in public here, but xoxoxo! We celebrated with yummy food, the US Open finals, and a crossword puzzle.

My favorite card is #15: "you still love me when I'm being unreasonable." I can relate to that for sure...

The rest of the cards are shown here. You can see this style rubbed off on Amy's designs for her very playful wedding stationery.  If you like what you see, Amy is looking for freelance opportunities (or full-time design work in her new city, Minneapolis). Check out her portfolio, and contact her at


Sara said...

Congrats on one year!!! yay!!! :-D

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