February 9, 2011

A Slow Return


Oh, hello again to all of you that have stuck around. I'm not fully up to speed yet, but after much deliberation, my new Mac has been ordered, and my dear friend, Amanda, has graciously lent me her old laptop to use in the meantime (thanks again!). When your laptop dies, you get an unusual opportunity to reflect on how dependent you have become on your technology. And in my case, the answer is very. Even though I know my new laptop will be shiny and fast, I have this totally bizarre emotional attachment to my old one. I still get an anxious pang whenever I remember that I will never be able to turn it on again... Can anyone relate to this?

Anyway, the weather in NY has certainly not helped me feel upbeat recently. I can hardly remember that just two weeks ago I took these pictures in sunny Florida. I'm already scheming my next trip back...

(Photos by me. Top photo is a new edition to my collection of manhole covers.)


jodi said...

i can totally relate. my laptop recently died and i'm using my husband's at the moment. it's just not the same. hope you enjoy your new one!

and thank you for the warm photos from florida. i think we're all done with winter around here, wouldn't you say?

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